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Welcome to the Champion Portal!


Champion Training, Step 1:

Read about what CHAMPIONS and VILLAINS

do in similar situations.

CHAMPIONS tell a trusted adult if they see someone being bullied.

If someone invites them to bully someone, CHAMPIONS think about how the bullied person feels and says, "No!" 


If someone is being bullied, a CHAMPION tells them they like them. They write them a note or send them a positive text or email. 

If a CHAMPION gets mad at someone, they try to think about the positive things about that person and remember that nobody is perfect all the time. A CHAMPION might make a list of things they like about the person and think about a nice way to talk to them about their problems.

Instead of ganging up on someone, a CHAMPION forms a group of supporters to help the bullied person out.

CHAMPIONS include others instead of excluding them, or leaving them out. 

VILLAIN keeps secrets and doesn't want adults involved because they know that bullying is wrong.

VILLAINS are often on the look-out for someone who is easy to bully. They don't usually think about how the bullied person is feeling, and wants to hurt them.

If someone is being bullied, a VILLAIN joins in.



When a VILLAIN gets mad at someone, they say mean things, use bad language and threaten them. They dwell on the things they don't like about a person like the way they look or what they are interested in.



VILLAIN likes to form a gang to intimidate the person they are bullying. 

VILLAINS make others feel left out by not picking them to play games or not inviting them to parties.

Champion Training, Step 2:

Watch this video about bullying to find the 


<<<Go, Talahi Community School!


Champion Training, Step 3:

Look at each picture and think about what is happening.

Who are the VILLAINS?

What would a CHAMPION do in each situation? 

Champion Training, Step 4:

Take the

Champion vs. Villain Challenge!

Thank you for completing

Champion Training!

You are a >>>

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