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The Alien Logs of Super Jewels

Why does everything seem so easy for everyone else? As Jewels recounts her adventures from Kinderprison to Muddle School, she looks for clues to what sets her apart. Could she be an alien, a superhero, or something completely different?


Join Jewels as she explores the confusing - and often hilarious - world of social expectations. Jewels' journey of self-discovery takes her to some unexpected places, and most surprising of all is finding a little bit of ourselves along the way.

"The Alien Logs of Super Jewels is a lovely tale of growing up, an amazing example of talking openly and lovingly about Asperger's Syndrome. Told in a lighthearted and humorous way through the voice of Jewels, who is blessed that when her family sees her, they see her strengths, her abilities and her superhero self. I can't wait to share this masterpiece with the autism community!"


~Kelly Lee, Executive Director, Camp Encourage

Meet B.K. Bradshaw

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Brenda "BK" Bradshaw is an award-winning author, former elementary and middle school teacher, special reading teacher, and assistant professor of elementary education. An avid reader and writer, BK has always been immersed in children's literature. In recent years, her daughters have given her the inspiration to create the resilient female characters, Crystal Brave and Super Jewels.

Crystal Brave: Earthquake at the Taum Sauk 
3rd place, Show-Me Best Book Award
Missouri Writers' Guild, 2012

The Alien Logs of Super Jewels 
Silver Medalist (Gold pending) in the category of Young Reader: Fiction (8-12 years)
Benjamin Franklin Award
Indpendent Book Publishers Association


BK has been a guest on the podcasts, The Autism Show, Talkin Live with Eli, and Care Activities with Neil Hogbin. She has made appearances on Ozarks Live! news show in Springfield, Missouri, volunteered with the Horse Tales Literacy project and met with hundreds of children and teachers across the Ozarks in school and barn visits.

The Alien Logs of Super Jewels is available

in all major bookstores and e-tail outlets.

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