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What is autism?

Autism is a neurological disorder, which means it happens in the brain. 

It is different for each person, but usually causes problems with sensitivity to light, smells, sounds, textures, tastes and movements. 

<<<Your brain is NOT a cheeseburger.

It looks like THIS >>>

<<<   Jewels + elastic sleeves + sequens = MELTDOWN

Autism can also cause delays in speech and language development. Some autistics don't talk at all and some talk when they shouldn't. They have trouble understanding  social rules. 

<<<Jewels doesn't think she is being rude. She thinks she is just being honest.


Some people with severe autism have no language and really struggle with life and need a lot of love and support to be happy. 

What is AWEtism?

AWEtism is a fun way to play with the word "autism"  that adds together the words "awesome" and "autism." It means all of the cool things autistic people can do that might be hard to accomplish without autism.

Autistics can spend hours doing something they love and get really good at it. Most people without autism like more variety in their activities.


Imagine spending all day playing the piano, building with Legos or playing video games. Then imagine doing that every day, day after day, and maybe for years.


Autistics can log many many more hours of practice and focus on developing skills and become experts at a young age.

Jewels has been singing the same song over and over for hours. >>>


Her family is about to go CRAZY, but she's getting really good at singing that song!


+ Autism

= AWEtism

Watch this video to learn more about AUTISM and AWEtism from 13-year-old Rosie.

2012 CBBC My Autism and Me

AutismAssociationS's Channel

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