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Josh Freilich

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Jewels wins  three GOLDSa SILVER, and the PURPLE Dragonfly!

The Alien Logs of Super Jewels

"The Alien Logs of Super Jewels does an outstanding job of introducing kids to the mindset of Asperger's child Jewels and how she navigates her puzzling world. As she comes to discover her 'surprise weapons', Jewels arrives at a different kind of approach to life that truly makes the most of her superpowers.


The story lies in the 'how', and that piece is beautifully done in this compelling story, recommended for advanced elementary to middle grade readers and many an adult who will come to understand Asperger's from a more sympathetic viewpoint than most stories provide."


~D. Donovan, Midwest Book Review

"I absolutely adore this book. The voice of Jewels is so strong and alive and unique that it pulls you in from the first page and maintains an endearing quirkiness to the last. This is an important look at life from an Aspie’s perspective, but with humor and personality. Jewels takes us on a journey that has us finding a piece of ourselves along the way.


Thanks to Jewels, I now know that we are all a little Aspie, we’re all a little alien, and it’s all okay. BK Bradshaw has captured the voice, her anxiety, her frankness, and view of the world of Jewels in such a singular way that it is outstanding. Jewels is Junie B. Jones’ big sister. She is Ramona Quimby before the age of IEPs. I laughed out loud at her antics and thought she was infinitely relatable. Super Jewels is Super Good and could be Super Big." 


~KB Nelson

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